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The Treez Grind: Feb 2021 Edition

Top Stories TreezPay One-Click Digital Payments Now Supports Refunds It can be frustrating when a customer prepays for their order and then doesn’t pick it up. Maybe your store policies don’t let you hold it overnight, or maybe you’d just rather not. Instead of messing around with refunds to cash or rewards points, you’re now able to process full refunds directly back to the customer’s bank account, whenever it makes sense for your business. No Med Inventory for Adult-Use Customers Arizona recently joined the ranks of states where adult-use is legal (congrats!). But with legalization comes growing pains, especially around product availability. To protect you from adult-use customers purchasing medical-only products, we’ve enabled safeguards at checkout, both online and in-store, that won’t allow that to happen. Best Around Town We want to extend a HUGE congratulations to all the Treez customers who were awarded the reader's pick for 'Best of  Cannabis' awards in Febru
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The Treez Grind: Jan 2021 Edition

Top Stories Seamlessly Connect With Your Data AskTreez is full of awesome business insights, inventory data, performance metrics, plus more — and now it’s only a click away! Just tap the ‘Analytics’ tab in SellTreez to be whisked away to AskTreez , where you can view your most important key performance indicator dashboards. Update Minor Invoice Mishaps We all make mistakes, like assigning the wrong distributor or entering the incorrect cost on an invoice — whoops! If you realize you need to update either of these items on an already accepted invoice, you’re now able to make these corrections without the help of Treez support. Scan More ID Types Scantastic news, y’all! With more encrypted IDs hitting the scene (here’s looking at you, Real IDs), we’ve made it a point to improve our driver’s license scanning functionality. So, no matter if you’re scanning 2Ds in Customer Management or Sell Treez, you’ll not only be able to scan more states more confidently, you’ll also be able to sca

The Treez Grind: Dec 2020 Edition

Top Stories Curate eCommerce Collections More customers are shopping online, making your Treez eCommerce menu that much more important. To help you put your best foot forward, we’ve introduced Product Collections — a feature that lets you group and display different products together online. Whether it’s a high-potency club, featured in-house products, quick add-ons, or anything in between, product collections have got you covered. Purchase Minimum, Meet Purchase Amount There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your discount strategy — take the purchase minimum threshold for example. Some operators like to unlock discounts based on the Subtotal, while others prefer to use the Grand Total. With our new ‘Purchase Amount’ field (tied to our ‘Purchase Minimum’ discount filter), you’ll be able to choose whatever minimum is right for your business. Scan More ID Types Scantastic news, y’all! With more encrypted IDs hitting the scene (here’s looking at you, Real IDs), we’v

The Treez Grind: Nov 2020 Edition

Top Stories Say 'Goodbye' to Inventory Spreadsheets In more traditional retail verticals, inventory forecasting is largely automated, but the cannabis industry has been left behind. AskTreez changes that by surfacing real-time sales velocity & stock levels, identifying winning & losing products via ABC/XYZ retail analysis, and arming you with reordering projections & timelines — all from the comfort of single or multi-store views. Caregiver Check-In & Checkout Caregivers are an important part of the medical community, providing access, education, and support to those who need it most. However, a lesser known fact is that there are specific workflows in Treez that must be followed when it comes to proper check-in and checkout for caregivers and their patients. Don’t risk sending non-compliant sales to Metrc. Instead, give yourself a 2-minute refresher on proper caregiver protocols to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Automate Wholesale Reordering We’re on a

The Treez Grind: Oct 2020 Edition

Top Stories Search Smarter, Shop Harder More customers are heading online to browse your menu and place their orders. With this in mind, we’ve beefed up Treez eCommerce by enhancing search & filtering, introducing dynamic URLs (hello, marketing!), and keeping customers safe with touchless One-Click Mobile Payments . Go Digital with Your Receipts Flu season is fast approaching in an already cleanliness-conscious community. Do your part to reduce transmission, while also doing Mother Earth a favor by enabling email receipts.  Did we mention it’s free? Express Yourself Express ordering has been on the rise since COVID-19 hit, as customers have traded in high-touch in-store experiences for safer, lower exposure alternatives. Read up on some creative operational strategies you can deploy today that will keep profits high, while foot traffic is low. Grow Your Reach We’ve curated a special collection of integrations and add-ons to help you get the most value out of Treez. From pinp

The Secret's Out: the Future of Cannabis Retail is Convenience

COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we live and work day-to-day. As essential businesses, cannabis dispensaries have needed to adapt quickly to these changes, both regulatory and sanitization-wise , to keep their doors open and staff and patients safe. But as open-ended social distancing practices take root, and an air of skepticism around in-person contact grows, operators need to be more agile than ever when it comes to optimizing their businesses to thrive within our new state of normal. Move Over In-Store Sales, Express Ordering is on the Rise It's no secret that in-store sales have been on the decline since the COVID-19 outbreak began. While state-mandated social distancing and shelter-in-place orders have heavily influenced the transition toward express ordering so far, it's people's propensity for routine, convenience, and speed of service that will cement it as commonplace long after the mandates have been lifted.  Already, data collected through AskTreez -

Own Your Own Metrc Compliance: 5 Reasons Why Being in Control Matters

Here at Treez, we're proud to work with dispensaries that put compliance and inventory accuracy at the top of their priorities list. Because much like us, our clients understand that compliance is the foundation of being a top-tier operator, and there's no way to the top without it. Which is why we challenge every operator to ask themselves, "Why is it important to own my shop's Metrc compliance? " After all, compliance is notoriously time-consuming, complex, and not all that fun (unless you're compliance nerds like us, of course!). And while that may be true, remaining compliant in a heavily regulated industry is the bedrock of your success as a modern cannabis dispensary operator. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at why taking true ownership over all things Metrc is the only way for your business to sur thive for the long-haul.  It's your license on the line . Mistakes are completely human and unavoidable. Despite your best efforts, mistake

Top 3 Ways Inventory Visibility Reduces Overhead and Boosts Revenue

In today's cannabis market, there's an overload of communication between retailers and brands around maintaining the buyer-brand relationship. In most cases, this overload is caused by a lack of real-time data being exchanged, making it so that both parties need to be in a constant state of requesting and sharing inventory level data to avoid stockouts. An unfortunate side-effect of this manual communication strategy is that it's become customary for buyers to stock brands that they have a good relationship with instead of using data to inform these revenue-driving decisions. This forces brands to spend a lot of time communicating with buyers about sales and inventory levels in order to coordinate orders since sales data isn't being proactively shared with them. Due to the current instability and unpredictability of the market, the average cannabis retailer in California is dealing with 14+ distributors who all have unique schedules and processes, making them even more

Improving the Brand-Retailer Connection

In most other markets, retailers and brands are able to develop co-beneficial partnerships based on their ability to share information. Sephora, the world's leading specialty beauty retailer, shares point-of-sale and inventory details with supplier brands, allowing for vendor managed inventory partnerships that save time and generate more profitability. Empowered by data, brands can control costs, grow market share, and increase sales at an influential retailer like Sephora. In the cannabis market today, there is an overload of communication around maintaining the buyer-brand relationship, but very little exchange of real-time data between retailers and brands.  We've discussed how sharing sales data can   im prove inventory management , product branding, and retail synergy by identifying target customers that brands and retailers have in common and then focusing on how best to serve those customers with our marijuana vendor managed inventory system. Sharing data between partn

How to Improve Product Branding & Retail Synergy by Sharing Sales Data

When it comes to brand recognition, the cannabis industry is still in its infancy. The market is currently flooded with brands and products and consumers are presented with something new every time they shop, resulting in an overwhelming shopping experience, making cannabis product branding and retail synergy that much more important. Customers tend to seek cohesive experiences and don't want to be bombarded or confused by having too many brand choices that ultimately do not appeal to them. In the time of COVID-19, consumer preferences and behavior are also shifting and the only way to identify new trends is by having access to real-time data. As consumers hunker down in their homes, sales from tourism and business travel have all but evaporated. Consumers are changing their shopping behavior, avoiding certain categories like vape - which could negatively impact lung functionality - and purchasing more edibles instead; adding to the importance of product branding and retail synergy