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Knowledge is Power: What California Dispensaries Need to Know to be Successful in a Track and Trace World

Back in January of last year, California's cannabis industry braced themselves as METRC's 6-month emergency regulations took effect. Then, as July 1st neared, and the introductory window came to a close, the industry held their breath in anticipation of the state's track and trace system (CCTT) coming online in full force. But instead of awarding operators with their permanent annual licenses as expected, the state decided to issue blanket extensions to all temporary license holders instead - and did this repeatedly until the end of 2018. The decision to extend temporary licenses caused the industry to sigh both a collective sigh of relief and harbor a new form nervous energy. The issue was, neither the state nor METRC had provided any answers to the burning questions on everyone's mind: when would the permanent regulations actually take effect? And what would the regulations actually be? After all, the extensions had been issued without enough supporting information