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How to Pay for Your Provisional or Annual Cannabis License on Your Terms

If you're a California cannabis business operator, Metrc needs to be top of mind. So as you wait for your provisional/annual license to be awarded, you might be wondering "what does going live on Metrc mean for me ? " While there are plenty of strict regulatory hurdles that lie outside of your control, there are a few key factors within your control that can greatly impact how successful you'll be in a track-and-trace world. Let's break down how you can make the most out of the timelines and options the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) and Metrc are providing you with.   There's No Need to Rush on to Metrc: Your Temporary License is Still Valid As soon as a provisional/annual license has been granted, the BCC will email the business owner (or whoever is attached to the license application as the primary contact), requesting that payment be submitted within a timely fashion. While not explicitly stated, the expectation has been set that once approved, you&