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Toilet Paper, Sanitizer, Cannabis: COVID-19 Purchasing Trends

Cannabis brands or retailers who aren't yet working with Treez and are interested in gaining access to our   free COVID-19 market-insights dashboard ,   can reach out to us through this form . In recent weeks, the emergence of the novel coronavirus has seemingly touched all aspects of everyday life for people across the globe. Health officials at every level are taking unprecedented steps to slow the spread of the virus and protect the public from COVID-19.  In response to these events, people have been stocking up on essentials such as disinfectants, non-perishable food, and toilet paper. Why? There are two main reasons. First, in preparation for responsible social distancing, experts are encouraging everyone to reduce time spent around crowds, including while shopping for these necessary goods. Second, in anticipation of disruptions to the supply chain for these products. Not only are these items subject to shortages from a sharp increase in demand, but they're also seeing