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How to Improve Product Branding & Retail Synergy by Sharing Sales Data

When it comes to brand recognition, the cannabis industry is still in its infancy. The market is currently flooded with brands and products and consumers are presented with something new every time they shop, resulting in an overwhelming shopping experience, making cannabis product branding and retail synergy that much more important. Customers tend to seek cohesive experiences and don't want to be bombarded or confused by having too many brand choices that ultimately do not appeal to them. In the time of COVID-19, consumer preferences and behavior are also shifting and the only way to identify new trends is by having access to real-time data. As consumers hunker down in their homes, sales from tourism and business travel have all but evaporated. Consumers are changing their shopping behavior, avoiding certain categories like vape - which could negatively impact lung functionality - and purchasing more edibles instead; adding to the importance of product branding and retail synergy

Why Retailers Need to Share Data to Improve Inventory Management

If you're looking to optimize your retail business, having access to real-time data is not just convenient, it's essential. You need to be able to reference consistent, comparative reporting in order to know what parts of the business are running smoothly and what areas require attention. This is where our cannabis dispensary inventory management system comes into play. Making decisions based on data will help your business run more efficiently, but you can only control your own operations - brands and distributors are likely referencing their own data to make business decisions. This lack of visibility between retailers and brands can result in miscommunication, delays, and inventory issues. Imagine trying to order a family-style meal at a restaurant, but everyone at your table is ordering off of a different menu - everyone might get what they want, but you'll end up with a ton of extra food. This is often the situation retailers and brands find themselves in when managing

Product vs. Inventory: How Treez was Designed to Give You the Best of Both Worlds

In California's Metrc-enabled world, effectively tracking your inventory is the only path to compliance. But regardless of whether you're in a track-and-trace state or not, having the right tools to support world-class inventory and product control software is key to your dispensary's success.  Treez's inventory management pages are designed with Metrc concepts top of mind, helping you to naturally incorporate the workflows required by the regulations and , by extension, better manage your inventory.    Breaking up Product and Inventory One of the core concepts in Treez is the separation of product and inventory . This separation was influenced by the way Metrc requires operators to create an item before they're able to associate packages of inventory with it. By approaching our own product and inventory control software modules in the same way, your Treez product data is standardized (which is great for reporting and eCommerce), reduces overhead by streamlining t

4 Big Advantages of Multiple Integrated Payment Options

  Want to know how you can get started with Treez Payments? Fill out this form to set up a demo or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to learn more! We are all about integration here at Treez. Integrating all your tools into one system makes your business run smoothly since all programs are managed under one roof. Our newest integration is all about payments. Treez Payments gives you the ability to process all transactions within the Treez platform instead of through a third-party application. This is huge! And we'll tell you why.    Why Integrated Payments Matter Payments can be broken into two categories: integrated and non-integrated. Non-integrated payments do not interface with your management software, meaning payments process through an external system. Integrated payments allow your business to accept payments directly within your retail management software. Treez Payments — our integrated payments solution —  automates the manual accounting process so that a