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Introducing: The Compliance Management Module

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to resolving Metrc discrepancies. Even though you may have stellar inventory management practices , the reality is, mistakes happen and discrepancies will inevitably arise. On any given day, dispensaries encounter a wide variety of complex cases that may cause a discrepancy to occur - inaccurate inventory counts, Metrc outages, API performance issues, scanning the wrong product at checkout, etc. But no matter how tight of a ship you run, at some point, your physical and digital inventories will come out of alignment and you'll need to take action to get them back in good standing. And because discrepancies are kind of like snowflakes - each requiring an investigation, correction, and resolution that's as unique as they are - we've designed our industry-leading Compliance Management module to give you the insight you need to hone in on the unique resolution each discrepancy requires.