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Own Your Own Metrc Compliance: 5 Reasons Why Being in Control Matters

Here at Treez, we're proud to work with dispensaries that put compliance and inventory accuracy at the top of their priorities list. Because much like us, our clients understand that compliance is the foundation of being a top-tier operator, and there's no way to the top without it. Which is why we challenge every operator to ask themselves, "Why is it important to own my shop's Metrc compliance?" After all, compliance is notoriously time-consuming, complex, and not all that fun (unless you're compliance nerds like us, of course!). And while that may be true, remaining compliant in a heavily regulated industry is the bedrock of your success as a modern cannabis dispensary operator.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at why taking true ownership over all things Metrc is the only way for your business to surthive for the long-haul. 

  1. It's your license on the line. Mistakes are completely human and unavoidable. Despite your best efforts, mistakes can lead to audits, which may bring with them lofty fines (or worse). However, operators who keep an eagle eye on all things Metrc, and maintain an intimate knowledge of their inventory actions and whereabouts, are far better equipped to diffuse dicey conversations with regulators, make vital business decisions, and feel truly confident about the inventory in their custody. Trust us, regulators aren't going to let you off the hook because you "just assumed everything was going great!" You might need to answer for the mistakes made in your shop one day, so it's best to do that from a position of power and confidence.
  2. It's your business, and nobody knows it better than you do. Sure, sending sales and adjustments to Metrc (via your API integration) is straightforward enough when everything is going according to plan, but when you add frequent Metrc outages and human error into the mix, things start to get a little more complex... and discrepancies will inevitably arise. While your integration is likely great at performing the functions it was designed to do, in the environment it was designed to do it in, it simply can't account for the physical actions you've taken that may have thrown things out of whack. At the end of the day, you have the best insight into the most significant information: what really happened in the shop. Your real-world actions are the anchor of your inventory accuracy, which means only operators have the distinct knowledge needed to correctly resolve discrepancies.
  3. You need action. Fast. When discrepancies do arise, it's important to have a tool in your arsenal to resolve them quickly. In fact, we recommend investigating and resolving all discrepancies on a daily basis. Some software providers keep the tools needed to do so behind the scenes, requiring you to contact them, schedule a clean-up, and wait for them to get you back on track. We want you to have the ability to easily bring your inventory back into compliance without having to wait for intervention. Because at the end of the day, software, no matter how good, is just a tool; and tools are only as good as the people using them. That's why we think the tools to produce timely solutions for your Metrc issues belong in the hands of the people who know what actually happened to that inventory in real life (that's you!).
  4. Clear, repeatable internal processes originate at the store-level. It's crucial for the development of a compliance mindset that you establish internal processes that put staff on a single track to success. Being aware of where slip-ups are most likely to occur, like during inventory intake or at checkout, can help you to focus your efforts where they're most needed. The more you're able to create watertight SOPs and expectations for staff, the fewer downstream mistakes are made that cost you time and money. Let the old adage of "measure twice and cut once" be your guiding light.
  5. Informed decision-making promotes good habits. Knowing the 'why' behind actions is one of the most effective ways to produce the 'what' you desire. If you're able to educate yourself and more importantly, your entire staff on the why behind certain protocols or workflows, you'll be able to instill better habits in everyone earlier on and reduce the time you need to spend uncluttering problems and down the line. Educating your staff also encourages them to take more ownership over their actions because they understand the implications of their actions. Plus, if they want to stay in the cannabis industry long-term, remind them that compliance knowledge is a transferable skill and will help them grow their careers. 

These are just some of the reasons why dispensaries should want to have maximum clarity and control over their own compliance. Building compliance into your operation's DNA starts with recognizing the importance of staying on top of every detail. Even though this might sound like a lot to manage, it's well worth the effort and is ultimately what protects your license from penalties, and even suspension. No one ever said that compliance was easy or fun, but establishing and maintaining a compliance-first mindset lays the groundwork for a successful cannabusiness.

Our industry-leading Compliance Management module is designed to improve insight into your integration and give you control over your compliance. We'll be rolling it out to clients over the next few weeks, and will notify you when it becomes available for your shop - stay tuned!


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