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The Treez Grind: Nov 2020 Edition

Top Stories Say 'Goodbye' to Inventory Spreadsheets In more traditional retail verticals, inventory forecasting is largely automated, but the cannabis industry has been left behind. AskTreez changes that by surfacing real-time sales velocity & stock levels, identifying winning & losing products via ABC/XYZ retail analysis, and arming you with reordering projections & timelines — all from the comfort of single or multi-store views. Caregiver Check-In & Checkout Caregivers are an important part of the medical community, providing access, education, and support to those who need it most. However, a lesser known fact is that there are specific workflows in Treez that must be followed when it comes to proper check-in and checkout for caregivers and their patients. Don’t risk sending non-compliant sales to Metrc. Instead, give yourself a 2-minute refresher on proper caregiver protocols to avoid any unnecessary headaches. Automate Wholesale Reordering We’re on a