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The Treez Grind: Feb 2021 Edition

Top Stories

TreezPay One-Click Digital Payments Now Supports Refunds

It can be frustrating when a customer prepays for their order and then doesn’t pick it up. Maybe your store policies don’t let you hold it overnight, or maybe you’d just rather not. Instead of messing around with refunds to cash or rewards points, you’re now able to process full refunds directly back to the customer’s bank account, whenever it makes sense for your business.

No Med Inventory for Adult-Use Customers

Arizona recently joined the ranks of states where adult-use is legal (congrats!). But with legalization comes growing pains, especially around product availability. To protect you from adult-use customers purchasing medical-only products, we’ve enabled safeguards at checkout, both online and in-store, that won’t allow that to happen.

Best Around Town

We want to extend a HUGE congratulations to all the Treez customers who were awarded the reader's pick for 'Best of  Cannabis' awards in February's East Bay Express!
  • Best Cannabis Delivery - Farmacy
  • Best Cannabis Label - NUG  
  • Best Curbside Service - Harborside
Keep doing what you're doing y'all, just more of it!

Extra, Extra Treez All About It

Treez achieved some exciting accomplishments last year, like increasing our retail-base by 83%, launching our incredible real-time data insights engine, AskTreez, and expanding our 3rd-party footprint by increasing partner volume by a whopping 340%.

Let’s Talk: All Commodity Volume

In this month’s edition of our popular #TalkDataToMe series, we explored ACV% and ACV by store — because brands deserve some juicy data insights, too! In case you aren’t familiar with these metrics, ACV by store measures how widely distributed your products are in a particular region, while ACV% measures the percent of total market share you’re capturing in the region. There are 2 common approaches to improving your ACV: go deep or go wide. Here’s the strategy that the 20 highest grossing brands in California are using today.

Manual Inventory Import, Overnight Sales Sync & Offline Inventory Adjustments

As of late, the California Metrc API has been experiencing a series of slowdowns and outages, degrading the performance of our real-time integration. While the performance of the Metrc API is outside of our control, we recognize that your daily operations have been impacted. Rest assured, we are staying in close communication with Metrc as they work to resolve their ongoing API issues. 

To help you combat these hangups in the meantime, we’ve begun implementing a series of manual fallbacks, like giving you the option to import packages via CSV when the Metrc API is down, and after hours sales syncs that attempt to capitalize on limited periods of overnight uptime. In the coming days, we’ll also be implementing additional changes to unblock you from posting offline inventory adjustments in Treez.



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